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House Purchase Loan

House Purchase Loan

We can help you purchasing your dream house with maximum finance at the minimum Bank Interest Rate and for the desired tenure which can be up to even up to 40 years.

Eligibility criteria:-

Your Home loan eligibility is determined after looking at the following:-

Your current income.
The nature and continuity of your employmentBusiness Vintage.
Your current obligations i.e. the other installments (EMIs) you are currently paying, the number of credit cards and credit limits you have or use.
Your past credit history.

Home Loan BT Plus Top Up

We may also get your existing Home loan take over at a lower rate of Interest and for a longer tenure along with additional loan at same rate.

Home Loan Refinance:-

We can get your money spent in purchasing a house refinanced from bank under home loan at Home Loan rate which is very much lower than the Loan Against property rate.
Here you can claim all tax benefits.

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